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Stages Airbrush

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an artist : Demenchuk Oksana

Stages Airbrush

  • The choice of style, themes, colours, and paint effects;
  • Development of the sketch and transferring the design onto the image of the car using the program Photoshop;
  • preparatory work;
  • direct application of the image;
  • drying airbrushing, and clearcoat protection of the finished art;
  • Polishing of the car.

  • How to start airbrushing? .... First of all, there is a desire to express individuality. For some, they wish their car to stand out from the usual mundane cars, with bright and showy decorations. For others, they wish to show their inner peace and harmony, their interests, or to express love, by decorating the car of their dear one.

    Therefore, at this stage, a major role is played by the choice of the airbrush image. It is well if you already have a certain pattern in mind, and you know how it will look in the future. But very often it happens that there is a desire to obtain airbrushing, but the right choice is difficult because of the diversity of themes and styles. We will help you choose your art according to your wishes, and in accordance with the characteristics of the car styling.
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In order to see how it will look clearly, you need a sketch. A drawing is developed using the computer program Photoshop. It can be aligned with the body of the vehicle, for a demonstration.

After approval of the sketch, and settlement of the price, the car goes through the stages of preparation. автомобиль проходит этап подготовки.

If the car does not require any body repair, and is in perfect condition, the next step will be to make the surface haze. This is done using abrasive papers and Scotch Brite. It leaves fine scratches on the surface, which increasing paint adhesion.

There are several ways to do a matte surface, but we will not discuss them. For the simple reason that it is better to entrust this process to the masters. It must be achieved carefully to avoid small scratches to the paint.

Next, after degreasing and cleaning of the site, the image can be applied. After the various layers and colours are applied, the paint needs to dry, and to be varnished and protected with clear coatings. During the final stages the car is also polished.

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